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Feed My Sheep

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Standing in the very place where Peter was recommissioned was humbling to say the least. I felt my knees wanting to lower to the ground. Looking across the water you could envision that moment when Peter was fishing and recognizes Jesus standing on the shore and leaps into the water, “It is the Lord!” rushing towards his embrace. John 21. Here is a picture of the exact location where this moment takes place!

Peter is the greatest story of denial, Gods mercy, and grace told in the Bible in my opinion. It’s a beautiful picture of Gods mercy and grace.

So Peter was one of Jesus closest disciples. Remember after Jesus was rejected and left Nazareth He went to live in Capernaum with Peter and his mother-in-law. Peter may have spoken to Jesus more than any others. Can you imagine the relationship? If so, then you can imagine the mournful heart Peter had after denying Jesus three times! After denying Jesus, Peter went back to doing the only thing he knew to do, fish. After Peter reaches Jesus on the shore, Jesus asked Peter three times do you love me? The third time Jesus asked Peter, The Bible says Peter was hurt. I can only imagine the sound of Peter’s defeated voice when he said “Lord you know all things, you know that I love you” John 21: 17

Then Jesus tells him to “feed my lambs, take care of my sheep, feed my sheep”… Follow me! Jesus recommissioned Peter, because He saw his heart, and He sees our heart too! I find this very comforting that in all of our mistakes God sees our heart. He knows when we truly love Him and he will seek us out just like He did Peter and He will re-commission us again to do his work!

Beautiful statue of the recommission. Can you see yourself in this picture?

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