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Hope and healing are within reach.

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after abortion healing

How Do I Know If I Need Help?

God wants to heal you. His desire is to give you a hope and a future, no matter what regrets and pain lives in your past. Even if it's been many years since your abortion or even if it was before you knew the Lord, you may have never fully healed from that decision. 

After abortion symptoms over time may develop into psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual distress. However, if abortion is a part of your story, know these truths. You are seen! You are loved! And there is freedom and healing waiting on you to take one courageous step.

Some common post-abortive symptoms may include:

  • unrelenting anger

  • depression

  • addiction

  • deep guilt and shame

  • anxiety

  • grief surrounding certain dates involving the abortion

  • inability to cope

  • relationship difficulties

  • substance abuse                                   


Image by Cody Black

No matter how your story starts, it can end with hope.

YourFirst Steps

1. Recognize you need help.
It sometimes takes years for women and men to realize how much their abortion decision has impacted their life. No matter what circumstances were at the time of your abortion or how things have changed since, an abortion deeply affects you spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

2. Break the silence.
Your first step is simply to tell someone. The road to freedom and healing starts by simply sharing your story with someone who cares. Whether or not you are local to the Myrtle Beach area, I'd love to talk with you and help you on your healing journey. All calls and messages are completely confidential.

3. Join an after abortion healing group.
Not sure where to start? I would love to help connect you with a local group where you can share your story and talk with other women too. 

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