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The Gift 

Embrace The Wonder of Healing

Author: Jeannie Smith 

Speaking with both passion and compassion, Jeannie leads readers to spiritual freedom from their past sins, and from the wounds inflicted on them by others. It is a combination of focused Bible study, “love letters from God,” Jeannie’s own story, and her insightful and godly encouragement.


"A gift to hurting women.."

This book is truly a gift to hurting women, especially those who have undergone trauma.

Jeannie gently but insistently leads readers along a difficult journey out of anger, unforgiveness, depression, and grief. Through better understanding of the gift of healing, women can move into lives of joyful purpose in Christ. For hurting women or for those who counsel individuals or groups, this book is a key to unlock the doors out of shame, guilt, and sadness and into full identity as beloved children of God.

This book! So perfectly named! Jeannie Scott Smith shares her journey through bitterness, denial, anger, forgiveness, and depression. Through traumatic events in her life, she makes it clear how there is hope and healing in Jesus! Step by step, a clear path to finding your worth in Him. A must read for all! What a GIFT!!

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