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"Jeannie Smith has a powerful testimony and a beautiful soul! She has something to teach us all." 

- Rebecca St. James, Author/Speaker/Musician

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A Few Favorites

“Jeannie Smith has a powerful testimony and a beautiful soul! She has something to teach us all.”  

- Rebecca St. James, Author/Speaker/Musician

“Jeannie Scott Smith has one consuming passion. She wants to please her Heavenly Father. She is devoted, passionate, and committed to our Lord and His gift of life.”  

- Dr. Frank Page, President/CEO Southern Baptist Executive Committee

Jeannie Scott Smith’s passion for mothers and their little ones targeted by abortion is a precious gift to the pro-life movement. When I opened her book, Shattered Into Beautiful, I could not put it down! Her personal testimony of forgiveness and freedom through Christ, eloquently delivered with vulnerability and compassion, has rendered her a powerful and compelling voice in the pro-life movement. God is using Jeannie to make abortion unthinkable and to lead those who have had abortions to the One who died to forgive them. You will do well to read her books and to schedule her for your next event!

- Mike Spencer, Life Training Institute 

“Jeannie- you are a heroine to “life” in this area- truly doing God’s work- So brave- Please keep up the writing.”  
Robbie Goodall Boman, Author

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More Testimonials

“I attended the Heartbeat International Conference and attended Jeannie’s workshop. It was the best session I attended. Jeannie’s spirit is so genuine. I was truly blessed and inspired by this session.”

“Jeannie is a very good communicator. She is very energetic and knowledgeable of the material she presents.”

“Jeannie is very humble, passionate, and inspiring.”

“Jeannie totally took my thoughts on abortion recovery ministry out of the box.”

“Jeannie was my mentor. She was such a great example of a godly woman. She helps the poor and broken and speaks with wise words and kindness. I admire the way I have seen her run her household, family, and now ministry with such integrity, honesty, organization, and spontaneity! But what I love is listening to her talk about hearing God’s voice and how to follow and obey Him.”

“Jeannie has a gift of writing and speaking words out loud”

“Jeannie Smith is truly a beautiful individual, inside and out. She has a powerful testimony and ministry. She shines a light on the path to healing.”

“Jeannie’s leadership in Abortion Recovery enabled God to work on my heart and revive it back to life. Jeannie’s guidance and support along with the Holy Spirit that is so present in her gave me a revival I will never forget and a new chance at life even closer to my Savior. Her abilities are a blessing.”

“My relationship with Jeannie has truly inspired and changed my life.”

“I have been so blessed by the impact Jeannie has had on my life. It is true of her, “For her worth is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10 I know the Lord brought our paths together so that I may have freedom from my own abortion and our relationship as grown me spiritually.”

“There are no words that one can fully make one understand how important Jeannie has been to my life but I will say that I can now look in the mirror  and see the beautiful woman that God created me to be.”

“Jeannie was instrumental in changing my life.”

“I just can’t put her books down. Jeannie is so transparent, real, and beautifully genuine.”

“Jeannie will never know how many women she has helped. Personally, I can say that when one spends time with her, they walk away inspired and never feeling the same.”

“Jeannie was my Sunday school teacher. She was such an inspiration in my life. Her faith and obedience to God have really encouraged me to do more and seek God’s will in my life.”

“Jeannie not only led me to heal from the pain of my abortion, she then supported and encouraged me to walk out the call God had on my life.”

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