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Brain Surgery Day

Hey sweet friends,

I want to start sharing some of my journey through brain surgery.

This journey came upon us so suddenly I still find myself in shock. There was so much to process and along the way not too much time to do so, which I think itself was a blessing from the Lord. He knows how He wired me and how I process every detail and that would have interfered with trusting Him fully in the capacity I needed to.

Very quickly doctor appointments, scans, and referrals led to a surgery date on June 7th to Duke University Hospital to remove a tumor and address Chiari Malformation in my brain.

All along the way God was providing in every way, but it did require someone to stay focused and handle the details. That person was my husband, Carter. He was my rock through it all. He is my rock and together Christ is our rock, our cornerstone. There were other things I needed to focus on particularly my faith. So God gracefully guided Carter and gave him the strength to carry me.

There were no struggles as far as providence. God provided the surgeon, finances, insurance, resources, scheduling, everything. God even provided home pet care for our Wonka

( beloved labradoodle) during the travels back and forth and the hospital stay. I was so overwhelmed by His goodness! It also confirmed in my Spirit we were on the right path God had chosen for us. God gave me so much peace in all the circumstances and decisions that needed to be made.

Finally, It was June 6th. Time to head to Duke. We had done all we could do to prepare in every way. It was all in the Lords hands now. The night before could have been so unsettling, but God in His goodness sent our friend Michael who drove up to Duke to be with us ( me, carter, mom) it was even his birthday! And yet he chose to come. We were able to go out to dinner. We were able to laugh, and pray together. This was a blessing.

As we walked back to our vehicle after dinner Michael discerned there was a lady in the public sitting area that God wanted to pray with me. He struck up a conversation with her and then introduced us. She pulled me over to the side and prayed with me. She said she had never prayed out loud over a stranger before but she knew God was asking her to. After she prayed I shared with her about my brain surgery scheduled the following morning and she shared with me she also had a brain tumor. A divine connection, another blessing.

When we got back to our room, we prayed and was given the opportunity to pray over someone else whom we did not know via phone that was experiencing brain trauma.

It was bedtime. I starred out the window at the entrance to Duke Hospital where I would soon be entering into the unknown as far as the surgery and recovery, but I clung to the “known” Jesus! I needed to rest. So I closed my eyes and snuggled down in the covers.

The alarm quickly sounded. Surgery check in was 5:15 am. It was June 7th. The day finally arrived.

We stood in line for quite a while. I had my air pods in listening to praise music until I approached the desk to check in for the surgery. I was wearing my “He still does miracles hat”. After getting checked in she ( desk receptionist) complimented me on my hat which allowed a sharing of my faith. We began to talk about how good God was. Our Spirits connected and it was though time stood still, but the long line behind me reminded us time was at hand.

She asked if she could show me something. She said I don’t fully know what you’re facing today but I do know this and she pulled out this little sign that was tucked away by her computer “the struggle is real but so is God”

God was revealing Himself, His character, His promises every step of the way.

That morning I was trying hard to stay focused on God. I could not allow the world, anxious thoughts, or fear an opportunity to enter into my thoughts or heart. I asked her if I could snap a picture because I didn’t want to forget one second of His faithfulness! She obliged. I had watched her check in several patients prior to me, but I’m so glad she obeyed God and paused to show “me” that sign.

I would need this memory, this encounter, to get me to the next. As soon as I sat down, my name was called. It was time.

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