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Heaven is Waiting on You

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Today we are spending a beautiful day at the ocean. The salty air and water always bring rest and clarity to my mind and soul. As I sat glazing upon the beautiful ocean, God began to speak and give me a revelation. I quickly grabbed my journal, a pen and begin to write. This moment inspired this blog post.

My word this year was launch which means to start, or set in motion. There has been a series of things that have entered into my life since the first of the year. I will call these life ordained interruptions. We all have them. Sometimes they can turn into great trials. As believers we will go through many trials but we have a choice to make.. to become bitter or better! We must choose to be better and carry on with what the Lord has called us to do and be used by God, Philippians 1:6. It’s not what happens to us that can ruin us- it is our wrong response to what happens that brings the ruins.

The world is quickly changing all around us. Our fellowship with other believers has been interrupted. We no longer gather in churches the way we use to. I have heard many say this has brought hardship to their faith and a sense of isolation. To some degree I have felt the same, but today the Lord spoke and said you don’t need the church, the church needs You! Now I want to stop right here and press into what I just said or rather what God is saying to us all! Heaven is waiting on you! I don’t mean we don’t need fellowship with other believers, because we do. I mean we should not become dependent on a building to be the church. Here’s a few questions: what have you been doing or rather not doing why heaven is waiting on you? Are you standing still, because the world is standing still? Are you sitting on pause or go? Have you shutdown? Are you allowing yourself to flow and be a light in a dark world?

Our greatest form of communication around the world is through a platform now called “zoom”. If you have been invited to a meeting through zoom you may be placed in what is called a waiting room. If so, you have to sit and wait until your host arrives and the meeting begins. If you’re not a patient person, this can be a little frustrating. I bring this example up because this is how we can feel when we are just sitting around waiting to accomplish God’s will. When we are not walking out our purpose and using what God has put within us and created us to do we can feel frustrated, discouraged, and powerless.

God has prepared something for you. Take your ministry given by him and go! Go be the church. Go into the world! fully focus on what God is calling you to do and do it. Sometimes you have to let go of something to move on. You cannot hold onto the past and move into the future. Be focused ahead. Wise people look forward not backwards. Be a prisoner of the Lord and walk worthy in your calling. Surrender! The hour is urgent, because our culture is waging war. Don’t be governed by fear. You have been prepared for a moment like this. The Lord knew you would be living on earth during these times. You were created for it, born for it. Sometimes the Lord calls you to a season of waiting. Sometimes he calls you to a season of rest. Sometimes he calls you to a season to move. Have peace in all seasons because whatever God created you to do, no one can do but you! Heaven is waiting on you.

If you’re uncertain of what your ministry is, it is your secret sorrow. Your secret sorrow is your purpose. It is that thing that overwhelms you and you feel anointed for when you’re in that deep place with the Lord. It’s also what you doubt, fear, and what wrecks you when you’re not in that place, doing that thing. So friends, Go and do what the great Sheperd says do. You are called to risk it all for those outside your gates. Your gates are the walls around your place of comfort and security. Be brave. Now is the time. Heaven is waiting on you to move. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

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