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I Will Pray For You: Surgery Encounters

Updated: Jul 9

In the OR room, as they were putting me under they asked, where is a beautiful place you have always wanted to visit? They covered my mouth and said “breathe”. I pondered.. they asked again and covered my mouth “breathe” I replied “ I want to go to Heaven” it was the only most beautiful place I could think of. I heard them laugh and say “ your not going there today”. They covered my mouth once more “breathe” I was out.

Next I heard, “Jeannie wake up. Wake up Jeannie” I was in ICU. I cracked my eyes only because the pain was so intense from the craniotomy. I saw only a shadow of a person but the voice was very kind. I asked for my family. She ( my nurse) introduced herself and said she had called for them. Her name was Mia.

The pain felt almost unbearable. I asked for my family again. She called them again. I needed someone to pray over me. To intercede on behalf of the pain. Still not able to open my eyes I reached with both hands to the left of my hospital bed in the direction I heard Mia’s sweet voice. I took her hands and asked her if she was a believer. She replied “I am” and so I asked her if she would pray for me. She asked if I could help her pray so there we both prayed that God would relieve the pain.

I also asked for the Chaplain.

A few minutes later, my family arrived. Initially, I was upset that my family wasn’t there as soon as I awoke because I felt I needed them, but God had other plans. It was in these moments that Mia and I connected at heart and formed a sweet bond that most likely would not have happened if my family had been there. Mia helped meet a spiritual need. “Where two or more are gathered in my name there I will be” Matthew 18:20

It took several long hours to get my pain and nausea under control. I struggled all through the night. Mia was my nurse for the next two days and I was so thankful God gifted Mia to me. God assigned her as my nurse. I looked forward to seeing her each morning. She blessed me and I blessed her.

I was able to gift her a special cross and one of my books “The Gift”. She took good care of me.

Mia was an encounter I will not forget, the Chaplain is another. I don’t have a picture of her, but her name was Karen.

When Karen entered the room I was crying in pain. I asked her to come closer and she asked how she could help me. I asked her to please just pray and she asked how I wanted her to pray. At this point, I felt too weary to respond so in my tears I began to quote “Lord you hold my tears in a bottle. Thank you that you see every tear that falls”. She asked “is that a scripture?” I replied, yes and she asked where it was. I replied in Psalms. I asked her to read the entire Psalm over me. It was Psalm 56. I asked her to come back later I wanted to give her a gift. She seemed stunned. Later another Chaplain came by. I asked about Karen but she said she was already gone. She smiled and let me know Karen had shared her encounter in my room with her. She kindly received the gift on Karen’s behalf.

This is Ellen my night nurse. She was precious. When I gave her a cross and spoke a scripture over her, she teared up and thanked me so sincerely. She said, I too am a believer. She helped ease my pain at night and was so tender with me.

This is my wonderful doctor, Dr. Steven Cook who came to see me everyday. When I gave him a cross and scripture, he held it tightly in his hand. He was very appreciative and said he didn’t think he had ever gotten a gift from a patient before. He is a wonderful Doctor and a very kind caring man. God chose him for me.

Mia prepared me for discharge. She graciously and lovingly combed all the knots out of my hair from surgery which was a job! Just so I could feel somewhat normal and confident as I left the hospital. She stayed with me until Carter put me in the car to exit.

There is just too much to note here, but God was writing a story, influencing lives for good as HE always does. No matter what your going through always remember God has already gone before you and prepared the way. Every single detail and He is faithful. Just keep looking up. Never take your eyes off of Jesus. As my daddy once wrote to me “ in any storm you may face, just remember your lifeguard has already walked on the water”.

I will never forget what He has done for me and these beautiful souls He sent to take care of me. ❤️‍🩹


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