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My Testimony- In Honor of Sanctity Of Life

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

purchased front jpg cover It is a great way to give back and honor Sanctity of Life!

Dear Friends,

In honor of Sanctity of Life Sunday I am sharing a short version of my testimony of God’s grace and healing! Through my transparency, I hope you will be blessed and see God’s footprints in a mighty way! If you are post abortion, like myself, I pray through this reading you find great courage to take a step into the unknown and receive the same healing I did, because God is waiting and willing. Please contact me privately and I will ensure that you reach your destination of healing!

In 1993, I was faced with an unplanned pregnancy. I listened to the advise of a friend and a abortion clinic that forever changed my life. I chose abortion, and it devastated my life. The years that followed brought great pain, depression, drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy relationships. It was a dark time, but God was always there. I tried to run from God and every memory associated with my past and abortion. I was in great denial. God pursued me.

In 2004 I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior. My life began to change. I had a love affair with only one person, My Savior Jesus Christ. Even though I knew God had forgiven me, I struggled with the pain of abortion.

In 2005, I got married. I desperately wanted a baby, but could not conceive. I was diagnosed with “unknown infertility” whatever that is. This caused my abortion to resurface in an ugly way. My pain caused greater depression. This time my depression led me to thoughts of suicide. My marriage was barely hanging on. Then something happened- My husband lifted up a prayer asking for God to send help. Little did we know it at the time, but God answered his prayer through a local pregnancy crisis center.

I was introduced to a ministry, a group of women that walked me through a post abortion Bible study that forever changed my life! I received a miracle, healing that I didn’t even know could exist. Through that study, God spoke to me out of the book of Ezekiel 35:25-26 “Then I will sprinkle clean water on you…you shall be clean…I will give you a new heart and spirit…” Wow! it literally felt like my heart had been torn down and rebuilt! Because of what God did in my life, I gave mine back to Him and committed to do whatever He called me to. He accepted my request.

I became a counselor, abortion recovery facilitator and then God called me to  bigger tasks!

You see- I  was one of those faces you encounter in your church every week that concealed a dreadful secret from my past. I came to realize that only Jesus could pay the price for the consequences of my abortion. I was determined to cry out to God to take my biggest failure and turn it into a powerful witness that would touch the hearts of women struggling with the same issues.

In 2010, God instructed me to write about my abortion and share my testimony. As much as I enjoyed my career as a Physical Therapist Assistant, I knew God was calling me to full time ministry. I  responded with obedience and God began equipping me for my kingdom purpose. Within the same year, my book Shattered into Beautiful: Delivering the Brokenhearted from Abortion was accomplished and I received my Certificate from Abortion Recovery Training Institute. God then called me out of my comfort zone and I began accepting invitations to speak for events such as Silent No More and 40 Days of Life, as well as within churches, youth conferences, and pregnancy center fundraising banquets. Although I found my greatest joy working with women on an individual basis, God was moving me to a greater arena of ministry.

In 2011, my husband and I were chosen to be featured in the film Set Free as the lead testimony mirroring God’s love, mercy, and healing from the tragedy of abortion. Doors immediately began opening for further opportunities to share our testimony. Watch the Film here Set Free


In 2013, I Founded Coastline Women’s Center A Pregnancy Medical Clinic in S.C. To view this ministry go to I serve as CEO and have led the organization into great growth, serving two locations. My husband Carter joins me as Co Founder with his own perspective to men as they work with individuals and couples struggling with issues that arise from unplanned pregnancies and abortion.

Carter’s desire and passion for all stages of life includes a strong determination to see the end of abortion. Carter shares the experience of living with the brokenness of my abortion and how it almost destroyed our marriage. “By the grace of God, I have been given the opportunity to assist my wife through her journey of redemption, restoration, and salvation.”

Together we are committed to transform “at risk” families into thriving families. Today, I am  continuing to follow where the Lord leads. Serving now as President of the South Carolina Association of Pregnancy Care Centers.

As God has developed me, my current spiritual gifts are Pastoring, Mercy, Exhortation and Leadership. My mission is to bring abortion closer to an end each day, and simply to bring the brokenhearted to the feet of Jesus. Through this process the wounded can be restored, healed and God will be glorified.

I  begin to see how my love relationship with Jesus Christ flowed over into daily obedience and how that obedience was unleashing supernatural blessings and accomplishments in my life. I wanted to awaken others to this truth so I answered yes to another assignment by God. In 2017, my second book, If You Love Me Obey Me: The Secret to Purpose and Freedom was published.

One of my favorite quotes is “I have found that there are three great stages in the work of God: First, it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.” –J Hudson Taylor

One of my favorite scriptures is “Blessed is she who believes what the Lord told her would be accomplished.” Luke 1:45, and I am most thankful that my child is in the gracious care of Jesus.

Together Carter and I stand united by God and our commitment to the Sanctity of Life. We stand firm that every life matters, has full value, and has been purposed by God to accomplish great things for His Kingdom! “For in Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through Him and for Him.” Colossians 1:16


And yes, God did give me another miracle! Meet Luke Carter Smith

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“We overcome him (the enemy) by the blood of the lamb (our Savior, Jesus) and the word of our testimony”

  Revelation 12:11

All for His Glory,


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