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Spiritual Smoothie

Good Morning Friends!

It happened again! I awake out of my sleep, roll over to check the time and there it stares back at me again, 3:00 AM! Okay God, this is a repeated pattern. What is it about this particular hour? Why do you insist on awakening me at 3:00 AM? Oh..Then I remembered.. What I had been asking of God. To return to the deepened awakening of my soul. To deepen my spiritual walk and intimacy with Him so that I may know Him more, so that I may tap into His Spiritual Wisdom.

“In the morning Lord, you will hear my voice. In the morning I will direct my prayers to you and look up and wait in expectation” Psalm 5:3

That was it! God was awakening me to spend time with me. It certainly was not for the delicious blackberry smoothie I was drinking, but rather for a Spiritual Smoothie!

Listen, The God of the universe desires to spend time with you and I. He desires to speak to you and I. Will you listen? Will you prepare yourself to listen? He speaks to us to build our confidence, draw us closer in relationship with Him, to direct us, but most importantly, God speaks to us to be obeyed. Our lives should reflect Obedience to Him. For some reason that word obedience makes some feel uncomfortable. The word obedience brings me joy because I know first hand the blessings that will flow, the prayers that will be answered from walking in obedience to our Lord!

So my topic this morning, you guessed it..Obedience! I think our view of Him is often too small, too cramped, rather too human so we are unwilling to allow Him to have control over our lives. If we could only grasp the greatness and power of who He truly is. He is our Great Shepherd Psalm 23. No one knows us or cares for us they way He does. So why would you not trust and allow someone described in this way have complete authority over your life?

I could tell you story after story of how my obedience to God has changed the course of my life and maybe I will, maybe I will write a book on that one day! Obedience has blessed me and my family, it has made supernatural things happen..things that only God could do, greater Obedience has provided and given me the desires of my heart.

I don’t know your circumstances today but I do know that God is calling me to encourage you to be obedient to Him so that He may bless YOU! Seek Him and His voice..What is He asking of you? I would love to hear some feedback on this one and comments. You never know just how much your experience can help others! Also I would be glad to encourage you concerning this subject in any way I can as it is one I am passionate about.

A couple of my favorite scriptures: ” If you will obey my voice indeed and keep my covenant, then you shall be a special treasure unto me above all people..” Exodus 19:5

“You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain, and whatsoever you shall ask of the Father in my name ( Jesus) he may give it to you.” John 15:16

Okay so here it is, the ingredients to a Spiritual Smoothie:

EXPECT to hear the Voice of God WAIT Patiently For the Voice of God PLAN to Obey the Voice of God LISTEN for the Voice of God FAITH in the Voice of God OBEY the Voice of God

Lastly, I should share with you my greatest reward of Obedience is the gift of a child! For those of you who know my story you rejoice with me in this pregnancy a true miracle indeed!

Much Love, Jeannie

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