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Take My Hand, Not My Life

As we approach Sanctity of Life Sunday, my mind drifted back to some words my little Luke said to me as we were preparing to march at our city capital, "take my hand not my life" and he was inspired to make a poster and trace his little hands on the poster.

I have thought about the depth of these words so much.What would the world look like if we took the hand of the unborn, if we took the hand of the mother, if we took the hand of the hurting and suffering, the poor and the needy?

As we take their hand, we are offering life, hope, and a second chance. We are fulfilling a commandment of Jesus! "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." Matthew 25:40

What will we be remembered for? Taking a life, or taking a hand?

I think of the unborn. I think of how vulnerable they are. I think of the great purpose they have and the chance they need to live their purpose out. Look at this precious child and what he must be pondering on as he looks at this picture. "Why would anyone want to take the life of their baby mommy?" He would ask. Could it be that there was no one to take the hand of the mother and show her active love and support?

But then I think of the children of God that are oppressed and hopeless and my heart breaks. The world has beat them up. Satan has attempted to destroy them by wrecking their identity. They are filled with shame and emotional pain because of the trauma they may have walked through. Is anyone taking their hand?

We will be held accountable for what we did and did not do for the least of this, for the lost, for the suffering.The Sanctity of Life means that ALL life, ALL stages of life has immeasurable value and worth!

May our eyes be opened, may our hands be outstretched for those in need. May we be and live selfless to see the needs around us and seek to build the kingdom and offer hope and life to the least of these. In Jesus name, Amen!

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