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Things To Do

Updated: Apr 13, 2022


Dear Friends,

This morning as I was in my secret place, God asked me to go and write what I was soaking in. Obedience. Remembrance. We are in a worship series at church right now. I was remembering the lyrics to a song yesterday that really grabbed my soul and humbled me. It was simple...I surrendered for you, surrender for me. 

Last week a friend said, Jeannie, “remember. God wants you to remember everything He has done for you. Remember.” 

I am drawn to my obedience scriptures. “Whatever He says to you, do it” John 2:5

Obedience brings freedom, purpose.

Obedience unlocks abundant life.

Obedience produces greater intimacy.

Obedience changes circumstances. Obedience changes you.

I remember when God began asking me to do things…simple things, but those simple things were a test and when obeyed would lead to small blessings. This track of obedience would divinely, strategically align me for the next level of obedience which would lead to larger blessings. Through the process my relationship with God changed. It became richer, more intimate. He gave me greater insight and vision. Jesus is the greater example of obedience. He said,  I have come to do the will of my Father. John 6:38. He stayed surrendered to obey. Shouldn’t we do the same? It is a commandment, If you love me obey me” John 14:15

Of course the journey is not always easy. Jesus’s  Crucifixion was certainly not easy. God has asked me to do things that were difficult. Things that went against my flesh. Things that was hard to explain. Things that others didn’t understand. Things that man persecuted me for in public and secret. However, God was faithful to whisper to me, to guide me, to assure me that I was in the center of His will and He was pleased. I found great comfort in reading a passage in the book Experiencing God. It read, “God’s ways and thoughts are so different from yours that they will often appear wrong, unloving, impossible.”  These are the times to trust God the greatest, but know this-

His will is always best.

His directions are always right.

His way is all powerful.

The other day I came across a cute note pad in my drawer. It was titled Things To Do. I thought, I am going to take this to my prayer closet so when God tells me what to do I can write it down, and then go do it.  So I did. That morning, in my secret place, God directed me to read a specific devotional about listening to His voice. At the end of it, It directed the reader to bring a notepad to the secret place and write down “things to do” as they listen to God. I couldn’t believe it! I laughed and laughed some more. God has such a sense of humor and is always on time!

things to do

Can you think of any better thing that sitting down with the Commander and Chief, the God of the Universe, All knowing, All Powerful, and getting directives from Him?!

Friends, It will happen if you just position yourself! True servants are found sitting at His feet…”Where I am, there my servant will be also” John 12:26

So today, I want to encourage you to remember what God has done and know that He wants to do more! It is a journey but there is no greater journey than knowing and doing the will of God. This is the only way to truly experience Him and walk with Him and what a blessed, full life of joy it is!

Position…Listen…Obey…Do…and Be Blessed!

P.S. don’t forget your “things to do” pad!


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