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What’s Your Word?

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Happy New Year Friends!

Another year has come to an end, but an end just means there is a new beginning! We all enjoy celebrating a fresh start…new goals, new resolutions, new words! Are you one of those who seek God for a “word” to apply to your life for the new year? I am!

If you have never sought a word, I encourage you to do so. Simply ask, God what is your word concerning your promise and plans for me this coming year? Also, ask Him for a scripture to support your word. Other questions to consider are:

What is ahead for me? for us?

What are God’s plans for our lives in the coming year? (Have fun with this and create a colorful vision board)

What promises does God want me or us to cling to this year?

I will share my experiences with you. Each New Years Eve, I spend time reading my entire journal from that year. I reflect upon what took place, the lessons I learned, What God spoke to me, the good and bad. It’s all there. I meditate and spend time remembering everything God has done for me. I praise Him for His faithfulness. I always leave room in the back of that years journal to do “final reflecting” that leads right into the New Year. I seek and listen for any final words God may have for me.

God is always faithful to give me my new word before the years ends. Then on New Years Day, I can have fun with it! Me and my husband get new journals to bring in the New Year. We spend time setting family goals, individual goals to include: Spiritual, Relationships, Family, Home, Health, Financial, Work, Hobbies, and my favorite Big Dreams! We create a vision board in color! and a purpose worksheet! OK so I am a little geeky when it comes to these sort of things, but some of my greatest spiritual journals and growth has been through divine journaling!

As 2018 came to an end, God called me to REMEMBER everything He had brought me through. If you have come through something and still standing you should celebrate and praise God! Don’t stay focused on what you went through. Its a trap from the enemy to keep you there. Remember you have already gone through it, so it is now the past, behind you.

He also called me to REMEMBER everything He did for me, His promises, and there were many Abundant Blessings!

Whatever your struggle was in 2018, the enemy meant to destroy you with it, but God meant to deliver you and use it for His Glory and for your good!

Isn’t  it comforting to remember that no weapon formed against us will prosper! As 2018 came to an end, I realized my cup was full! I learned so much- some of which I will share here with you. My greatest lessons from 2018:

  1. Hard times can cripple you, or fuel you to work even harder for the kingdom.

  2. Sometimes the biggest moves of God are wrapped up in the smallest assignments of obedience.

  3. Overcome offense with GRACE

  4. Don’t let others determine how you spend your time.

  5. I identified things I will do less of, and things I need to do more of.

  6. Connecting and disconnecting are necessary and both equally important for your kingdom destiny.

  7. The pain of separation.

  8. Stop mourning over what God has already made a plan to replace in your life.

  9. The right things to do are not always the easiest things to do.

  10. Slow down.

  11. Don’t strive so hard that you miss your “day to day” purpose.

I have experienced grief this year in many different ways. In ministry, in relationships, in loved ones. I know you have too.

So I will share with you that the word the Lord gave me for 2019 is RELEASE! I like to define the word. Release means to allow or enable, to escape from confinement, to be SET FREE! Release allows something or someone to move, act, flow freely.

The scripture is: “Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold! I will do a New Thing, it shall spring forth, shall you not know it? Isaiah 43:18-19

new year pic

God wants us to release the past. Move on. He has new favor and supply! New fruit. New wells (Genesis 26) New opportunities. I  choose and hope you do to forgive and bless those who have wounded you.

2019 is a year of release from past pain and false definitions that have held you back!

I hope you have had a great New Years Day! I have:) There has been lots of laugh, play with my precious son Luke. We built castles with magna tiles and drank imaginary coffee that he made for me with his new coffee maker. We also drove Alexia crazy with song requests. It was also a day of chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles, rest and peace, but the greatest- lots of love!

I declare my God, you are sufficient for me! You alone restore our JOY. I praise you, for you are always working on our behalf to bring good, purpose, restoration. You are doing a New Thing!

Praying 2019 is a blessed filled year with great kingdom purpose for you and yours!


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